B&W 35mm Develop & Scan

B&W 35mm Develop & Scan

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Develop & Scan service for black and white 35mm film up to 36 exposures, and scans of each frame returned on CD. Your negatives will be returned to you in the customary 4 frame strips, and sleeved in the industry standard polypropylene sleeves. Index print included.

Snapshot Scan resolution is 1024x1536 JPG. HR Scan resolution is 2048x3072 JPG. HR scans are workstation-intensive and priced to reflect the additional processing time.

Please enclose a copy of your on-line checkout sheet/PayPal receipt with your film. Doing so will serve as a packing list for this purchase and let us get your order back to you faster.

e always return your negatives!

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